You’re resourceful, intelligent and creative. You have unique talents that you’re bursting to share with the world.

Yet you look at your life right now and ask: When did I sign up for this? When did just getting by become my new normal?

You’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. So deep down, you know what kind of life you want. Yet you feel completely overwhelmed. The list of things you have to do is so long, you can’t even contemplate making a list of things you really want to do.

Every now and then you see an image that reminds you of what you really want to do with your life — a tiny art studio by the sea, or someone striding confidently on campus — but then the overwhelm spiral hits again and you find yourself retreating.

It’s not that you haven’t tried. You have bursts of inspiration and a great imagination. But adult life has had a way of bringing you down. Just when you thought you were getting somewhere, life hit you with that massive health scare, the messy breakup, the scary move to another city — and you found yourself simply getting by again.

My name’s Danielle and I know the feeling all too well. Until recently, there were some dreams I wouldn’t even admit to myself because I felt I couldn’t afford to make them a reality, or I wasn’t good enough, or I just couldn’t see the woods for the trees at that moment. 

Then one day, I had enough. I started researching ways to improve my outlook and output. I looked at ways to turn what I love doing into profit. I started putting systems into place to get me there. Most importantly, I realized if I was going to get anywhere, I needed to put myself first. So I did the most life-changing thing out there: I learned to love myself.

If you’re overwhelmed and want to gain clarity and take action on what matters most to you,  you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to be who you really are, rather than what society expects you to be, this is your tribe. If you’ve never given up on your dreams, welcome home.

I’m not selling snake oil here. If you’re anything like me, that wouldn’t work on you. You have your bullshit detector switched on at all times. You know good things don’t happen overnight.

What you will get is science-backed ways to incrementally change your levels of motivation, productivity and self-esteem. You’ll get the inspiration you need to come unstuck and take one step at a time towards creating the life of your dreams. To be a practical dreamer.

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